Benefits of Gaming

Man playing a computer games

People enjoy playing video games for various reasons. There are gamers that love the challenge of achieving a high score while also arriving at high levels of the game. They particularly enjoy doing this with their favorite games. But, what is it about their favorite games that actually make them favorites? It would seem the fantasy appeal of role-playing that allows the games to be so attractive to many players.

Some that idolizes the notion of playing major league baseball can lose himself in a baseball video game. No, this does not mean the person lives a Walter Mitty fantasy existence. Rather, the individual’s suspension of disbelief leads to the player falling into the game and assuming he is the video game character on the subconscious level.

Is there anything inherently wrong with this process? No, because the concept of being engrossed in a suspension of disbelief is common with most entertainment pursuits. Most people are not even aware of the process when it occurs. The subconscious experiences it and then forgets about it. It is the thought process on the subconscious level that often attracts people to the game in the first place.

Some may wonder how this actual process occurs. The gamers experience such a process without even knowing that it is occurring. Consider the previously mentioned baseball example. One may possess a deep and serious affinity for the game. This is what may be the attractive concept as the person may have a love for baseball that ends up contributing to the purchasing decision.

Is there anything unhealthy with engaging in such a process? The answer to this query is most definitely a resounding no. Stepping into the shoes of a sports idol or fantasy character thanks to a video game system has many positives for those in need of a little levity. Gamers are not looking for an escape as much as they are wish for a pleasing diversion.

In a number of ways, there are positive traits that can be drawn from a subconscious level. Consider all the many superhero games on the market. A fan of superheroes can always step into the costume of a character and also assume the many traits that the heroes embody. Such positive traits can have a great impact on the subconscious and this is a good thing.

There has been a great variety of psychology books written on the subject of video games and one of the most compelling aspects of these books is the fact that much of what has been written is positive. Why? It is because many people involved with honest psychological studies of video games discover the helpful and neo-therapeutic benefits of gaming.

Video games are not merely an idle leisure time pursuit. The choices made by those interested in these games present a window in the motivations and inner traits of the gamer. This is true even when the gamer himself may not even be aware of what exactly is going on.this are some benefits of gaming.



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