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A good video game that is captivating and exciting is supposed to be featured in a way that is the gamer should be educated and increase his or her intellectual quotient. Common technological advancement in the world today has made young gamers into future game designers and game developers who see beyond the realm of the resources placed within their reach.

A good game developer should bear the following in mind when he is moved by the inspiration: entities, engines, and scripting. All these points can then be used to solve the puzzle in the form of the achieved game. The different disciplines that have to come together to form a new game: art, technology, a good sense of the design, marketing and finance, along with many others. A good game developer will have to work with an artist to make the game attractive and appealing and to call for a large market across the world to determine the level of success.

In the gaming industry, there are a lot of the resources which can help beginners achieve their long-term goals. A lot of career resources have been bridged into two aspects;

1. Game design

2. Game development

In game development, building from the scratch is a viable option these days, unless one is creating extremely intensive 3D console platforms; and even so, gamers across the world will have to rely totally on game engines and a central one for that matter. When the project is truly unique and one of a kind compared to the other games developed then it will be too big for a single person to do and therefore it will call for more helping hands by pulling together a team of competent personnel. There may be a time to learn unequivocally from an academic horizon. One can easily join the lower libraries to get started; they have many years of experience and effort in refining and shifting them, a bit of something that could be free or not too expensive. Sometimes, game development can come with a lot of sacrifice. Online search engines can help in getting you to know a lot of resources you may need in succeeding with game development.

But never make mistake in optimization, make sure you complete the artworks and graphics before you optimize. Premature optimization is very evil! One can totally get it wrong regrettably. You can regret later if you end up not getting a large buy-out if the game finally hits the online market.

In game design, there are a number of tools among which are Skyline, Unity, Blender and Unreal 4. These tools are available on a number of online platforms depending on how far you dig and able to cope with the competition involved

Top 5 Video Games


Everyone loves video games to some degree whether you play them on your phone in the waiting room or on a console when  you’re relaxing at home.  While there are many opinions on what the best video games are, here are 5 awesome games you should definitely check out (if you haven’t already).

1. Tetris

Tetris is an interactive video game that was first designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov, a Russian.

The game involves a random series of Tetriminos that fall into a playing field.

Players in the game are expected to rotate the Tetriminios by 90 degrees, and then move them sideways, with the ultimate objective of creating horizontal lines consisting of ten units (without leaving any gaps).

When such horizontal lines are formed, they automatically disappear, and all blocks above the deleted horizontal lines fall.

When a specific number of horizontal lines are formed and subsequently disappear, players are promoted to higher game levels.

2. Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is an interesting video game that was first developed in 1996 by Nintendo.

It’s the most popular game on Nintendo 64. Since its development, eleven million copies of the video game have been sold in North America, Australia and Europe. Numerous other copies have been sold in various other countries across the world.

In Super Mario 64, a player is required to control the Mario through various courses. Each of the courses comprise of miniature worlds. A player has the liberty of wandering in any direction and discovering the environment.

The worlds contain friends who provide assistance, and also enemies that viciously attack Mario.

Implementation of a 360 degree analog-control and use of an exceptional camera system leave players with lasting impressions of three-dimension game design.

3. Doom

Doom is a shooter video game that was developed and published by id Software and Bethesda Softworks respectively.

Doom is a 1st person perspective video game whereby a player assumes the role of a marine. The player/ marine fights against demonic forces straight from hell that have been released by Union Aerospace Corporation to colonize Mars.

Most players love the exceptional single player campaign, versatile game play as well as beautiful graphics.

It’s powered by id-Tech 6 and can be played on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4.

4. Minecraft

The Sandbox video game was originally created by Markus Persson. Later on, Mojang re-developed and re-published it.

Typically, a player uses textured cubes to construct buildings in a three-dimension procedurally generated world.

Apart from construction, a player can also engage in activities such as exploration, combat, resource mobilization and crafting.

The Multiple Game Play modes comprise of four modes; survival mode, community created mode, creative and adventure mode.

Since its creation, the video game has won several accolades and awards. As at June 2016, more than 106 million copies had been sold. Today, it’s the best selling computer game (as at 17th Oct 2016).

It can be played on the following platforms; MS Windows, Wii U, OS X, Universal Windows Platform, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Android OS, among others.

5. Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda is an action packed video game that is set in Hyrule, a fantasy world. The plot revolves around Link, a playable protagonist. His main objective is to collect fragments of the Tri-force of Wisdom so as to rescue Zelda the princess from Ganon, the antagonist.

There are three main platforms that support the video game; Famicom Disk System, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo Entertainment System.


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Are video games bad for you?

A teenager plays Video console games on his television


In 2007, it was estimated that 81% of American youth played video games at least once every month, with about 8.5% of them video game addicts. With video games now more prominent, it is now estimated that up to 90% of American youth between 12-18 play at least 14 hours of video games every week. With such mind boggling numbers coupled with the many studies suggesting a link between video games and psychological/neurological disorders, the question, “Are video games bad for you?” is very relevant. Nonetheless, one thing to keep in mind is that researchers never seem to agree on whether video games are bad or good for children. With so many studies demonizing video games, we are going to take a look at the pros of video games.

A 2013 study by St Hedwig-Hospital in conjunction with Berlin’s Max Planck Institute for Human Development established a positive correlation between increased performance and video games. Youth playing the Super Mario 64 video game for over half an hour over two months showed significant increases in grey matter in the cerebellum, the right prefrontal cortex, and the right hippocampus. These are areas of the brain are related to better motor performance, working memory, strategic planning and spatial navigation. As such, it may be argued that playing video games enhances the mental capacities of children.

Research has established that children playing games can improve several cognitive functions and have increased social benefits. While it has been argued that video games are bad for not punishing negative behavior, this is not entirely true. When playing video games, a player learns fast that to progress to the next level of the game requires better skill or following directions and restrictions. Players not only are punished for not following rules, but also need to develop and use problem-solving skills to progress. With such restrictions, players need to learn how to read situations, patterns, learn anticipation and strategy, failure to which they face penalties or lose the game.

Video games develop the critical skill of multi-tasking particularly for players that play the more complicated games. Intricate multiplayer and multi-element games require the player to keep track of other players’ activities as well as their environment. According to University of Rochester cognitive researcher Daphne Bavelier, persons who play video games tend to have better reaction times without losing accuracy. With games becoming more complex, players have to develop quick thinking, which is good for mental development.

Playing video games tend to enhance spatial reasoning, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as the player has to employ all these senses at the same time. For instance, in playing street war simulation games, a player has to not only be aware of their position, but also of that of their enemies including their direction, strengths, speed, aim accuracy among others. They will then have to process all the information and coordinate their eyes and hands to execute actions such as run, hide, shoot, ambush among many others actions in the game. These skills may come in handy in real life situations that require delicate hand eye coordination such as surgery.

One of the biggest reasons why the question, “Are video games bad for you?,” is the argument that games make the youth antisocial. However, research has shown that games can be a learning and stimulating experience just like any other social endeavors. Since a significant percentage of players play video games with friends or family, the games present a right mix of entertainment, fun, and bonding that other activities such as watching TV would. Besides, since most multi-player games require comradeship, logistics, and cooperative play, the argument that video games promote anti-social behavior does not hold water.

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Are video games just for fun?

The avid gamers. Two young happy men playing video games while sitting on sofa

Back in the old days, when video games were first invented, people thought they were kind of cool. Not too exciting, because the graphics weren’t too much to write home about, and you could quickly get bored. However, as they continued to be developed over time, they started getting popular. Then people started to think that they were bad for you. Something about being outside in the sunshine. But recent studies have shown that the video games of today can give you plenty of benefits. So if you are a big fan of games, then this article is for you. You’ll find out exactly what benefits you are receiving, so you don’t have to worry anymore.
First of all, video games offer a stunning array of choices, which can help you in your split second decision-making process. Since games usually involve different characters, these choices are not limited to simply blips on a screen. And people who can make decisions under pressure are consistently sought after in the marketplace.

Video games can dramatically improve your reaction time. If you play some of the popular games today, you will have incredibly fast reflexes, and this can come in handy in a variety of situations. For example, if you are driving and an animal or child run outs in front of your car, your reaction time can save their life. This isn’t something that you would develop by sitting around watching TV.

Video games have been shown to increase your imaginary perception of three-dimensional instruments. This has been linked to intelligence in many studies. The more you can visualize an imaginary object from three dimensions, the more you can imagine complex problems in real life.

With recent online gaming communities, playing some video games can increase your social skills. This may seem counter-intuitive, but many games today require many social interactions that require the same amounts of trust and character determination that you’ll find on most school playgrounds.

Several studies have shown that playing different kinds of video games can have a positive impact on your creativity. If you are having trouble coming up with some solutions to some difficult problems, then playing a few games may just do the trick.One thing that is pretty obvious is that video games are great for reducing stress. Who knows how much stress most of us carry around, but it can’t be good for us.

There are some extra benefits to be gained by playing games online with other people. Team based games can improve your teamwork and communication skills, as these are the vital ingredients needed if your team is going to win.

The social aspect of online gaming is another attractive perk to many people. Lots of friendships, business contacts, and even romances have been formed by people playing online games together.As you can see, the benefits of playing video games are numerous. Far from being a mere source of mindless entertainment, the interactive nature of video games can have real and lasting positive effects on your life.That’s why playing games from time to time is a positive health benefit.





Benefits of Gaming

Man playing a computer games

People enjoy playing video games for various reasons. There are gamers that love the challenge of achieving a high score while also arriving at high levels of the game. They particularly enjoy doing this with their favorite games. But, what is it about their favorite games that actually make them favorites? It would seem the fantasy appeal of role-playing that allows the games to be so attractive to many players.

Some that idolizes the notion of playing major league baseball can lose himself in a baseball video game. No, this does not mean the person lives a Walter Mitty fantasy existence. Rather, the individual’s suspension of disbelief leads to the player falling into the game and assuming he is the video game character on the subconscious level.

Is there anything inherently wrong with this process? No, because the concept of being engrossed in a suspension of disbelief is common with most entertainment pursuits. Most people are not even aware of the process when it occurs. The subconscious experiences it and then forgets about it. It is the thought process on the subconscious level that often attracts people to the game in the first place.

Some may wonder how this actual process occurs. The gamers experience such a process without even knowing that it is occurring. Consider the previously mentioned baseball example. One may possess a deep and serious affinity for the game. This is what may be the attractive concept as the person may have a love for baseball that ends up contributing to the purchasing decision.

Is there anything unhealthy with engaging in such a process? The answer to this query is most definitely a resounding no. Stepping into the shoes of a sports idol or fantasy character thanks to a video game system has many positives for those in need of a little levity. Gamers are not looking for an escape as much as they are wish for a pleasing diversion.

In a number of ways, there are positive traits that can be drawn from a subconscious level. Consider all the many superhero games on the market. A fan of superheroes can always step into the costume of a character and also assume the many traits that the heroes embody. Such positive traits can have a great impact on the subconscious and this is a good thing.

There has been a great variety of psychology books written on the subject of video games and one of the most compelling aspects of these books is the fact that much of what has been written is positive. Why? It is because many people involved with honest psychological studies of video games discover the helpful and neo-therapeutic benefits of gaming.

Video games are not merely an idle leisure time pursuit. The choices made by those interested in these games present a window in the motivations and inner traits of the gamer. This is true even when the gamer himself may not even be aware of what exactly is going on.this are some benefits of gaming.



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